Warren Buffett vs Cathie Wood

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Warren Buffett vs Cathie Wood

If we go back to 2020, there was one ETF that was talked about more than any other ETF… ARKK.

ARKK is the ARK Innovation ETF managed by Cathie Wood. In 2020, ARKK returned a whopping 152%. This made Cathie Wood a very popular fund manager.

Then we have the OG, Warren Buffett. He kept to his same strategy & did not have a 152% year in 2020... it had a 2.42% year. However, we do not invest for just one year, we invest for the long term.

If we compare their respective funds, ARKK for Cathie Wood & BRK.B for Warren Buffett from Jan 2021-Feb 2024, we see a stark difference.

Cathie Wood had a great 2020 year that put her on the map, but since then, her ARKK fund has seen a -67% performance.

On the other hand, BRK.B did not have an above average year in 2020, but since then, it has seen a +68% performance.

What is the takeaway? To get a 152% return in 2020 is outstanding, however since then, the ARKK fund is not performing great at all. Long term investing is not about just having 1 outstanding year. It is about being consistent each and every year. While BRK.B “only” had a 2.42% year in 2020, for the past three years it is up 68% while ARKK investors are sitting on a -67% loss.

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Bitcoin Back Under $60k

In the last 5 days Bitcoin has fallen nearly 12%. This is due to the fears of sell pressure from Mt. Gox repayments and possible selling from bitcoin miners.

While it is easy to let recency bias fog our memory, in the past year, bitcoin is up 81%. When in doubt, ZOOM OUT!

What is the takeaway? As a decade investor we don’t let one week performance dictate our thesis on an investment. If you believe in an asset long term, you need to think long term & not freak out with short term news.

Jeff Bezos Sells More Amazon Shares

What is the takeaway? Some people are speculating this round of selling is for a purchase of the Boston Celtics NBA team, as that is potentially hitting the market with a price tag of just over $5 billion 👀

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