I Rang The New York Stock Exchange Bell!

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I Rang The NYSE Bell!

A couple of months ago I was invited by YieldMax ETFs to their bell ringing at the NYSE. I felt as this was a once in a lifetime experience so I had to say yes. Fast forward to June 21st & there I was at the New York Stock Exchange, ringing the closing bell!

The New York Stock Exchange is no longer open to the public, so to get the opportunity to go to the exchange & see it in person was incredible. There is so much within those walls to depict the history of the stock exchange.

For example, encased is the “Buttonwood Agreement”. This document is why the NYSE exists. On May 17th, 1792 twenty four stockbrokers met under the buttonwood tree on Wall Street to organize trading.

When you step out on the trading floor, while not as crowded as it once was, a sense of awe comes over you. For me, who is a stock market geek, it was a really cool experience.

As a gift, every bell ringer gets this coin. This commemorates your time at the exchange! I wanted to take todays main newsletter spot to share photos from this event last week as many of you were asking about it!

What is the takeaway? If you get the chance to ring the bell at the NYSE, DO IT!!!

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VOO + VTI Announce Quarterly Dividends


What is the takeaway? I know a lot of people hold VOO or VTI in their portfolio, so reporting on their quarterly dividend for Q2!

VOO: The payout is $1.7835 per share, paid on July 2nd. The ex-dividend date was June 28th, so for every share you owned BEFORE that day is what you will be receiving the dividend on.

VTI: The payout is $0.9519 per share, paid on July 2nd. The ex-dividend date was June 28th, so for every share you owned BEFORE that day is what you will be receiving the dividend on.

Median Income By State

What is the takeaway? It is interesting to see the median income broken down by state & how that compares to cost of living in each state. For example, the median income in California is $124k, but the cost of living is way higher compared to a state like Oklahoma where the median income is $57k.

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