The Little Things Add Up

I add $250 every single week to one of my investment portfolios. Today, it crossed over $10,000 in less than a year!!!

With this money, I am very very simple. I have pre built a portfolio consisting of 5 ETFs, which I add to on a weekly basis. I put $250 into the account. I do not focus on trying to get crazy returns. I do not focus on trying to time the market. All I do is put $250 every week into the account on Friday’s.

While $250 a week may be a lot for some, it is just small bricks I add to my account each week. I focus on 1 thing = accumulation.

I want to show you how small additions every week add up. Even just $50 a week.

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A huge misconception about investing is you need a lot of money to get started. Most people think you need to make a lot to invest. Truth is, you just need to start.

When I started investing at 17 I put $400 into an investment account (which I ended up losing most of that money…). $400 is not life changing money, $400 (for someone who was 17) is still a lot of money, BUT I learned a valuable lesson = JUST START.

Most people assume to get started investing you need to do $1,000 a week or else it “isn’t worth it to invest”. In reality, a lot of people invest way less than that, yet over time, they become very very wealthy.


Because it is less about how much you invest but rather it is more about how long you invest for.

Don’t believe me? Look at the math.

If we look at Jack, Jill & Joey. They all decide they want to invest $200 a month.

The only difference is Jack starts at 25, Jill starts at 35 & Joey starts at 45.

Time goes by & they all reach age 65. This is where time is key…

Jack has over $500,000.

Jill has just over $200,000.

Joey has just over $100,000.

All invested the same amount, yet Jack ended up with ~$300,000 more than Jill, because he decided to start earlier.

Okay cool DI. That is great but what if Jill put more than $200 a month, wouldn’t she end up with more money???

No. Let me show you.

In the image above, both Jack & Jill are investing $200 a month. However, in this case, Jack stops investing $200 a month after age 35. Jill, on the other hand, keeps investing from age 35 to 65.

Over the 10 years of investing, Jack invested a total of $24,000.

Over the 30 years of investing, Jill invested a total of $72,000.

Jill invested 3 times more than Jack did, yet at age 65, she ended up with less.

So the truth of investing is this:

  • Invest early

  • Invest often

  • As you make more money, invest more money

My $250 a week portfolio just crossed over $10,000. But when (not if) I keep going, this portfolio will continue to grow & grow & grow until it becomes unstoppable.

So even if you are just investing $50 a week, KEEP GOING. It seems insignificant now, but truth is, every $1 added to compounding is significant.

Don’t quit, don’t give up, don’t stop. KEEP GOING.

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Thank you so much for reading & I will see you next week! Until then, keep buying assets & stacking those dividends. 🙂 

- Decade Investor

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